Cleveland Architecture Resource List
Compiled by Rebecka Ball and Xiaofang Han


Researching Cleveland Architecture

Architectural research today includes a vast array of topics, from building styles, style identification and history, to the history of specific buildings, to the determination of sources of design and detail. What follows is a research guide for the public to the built history of the Cleveland area.

The resources listed here are in no way comprehensive: there are a great many more resources to be found both at the Cleveland Public Library and in other local repositories. For example, the Western Reserve Historical Society holds a wealth of materialon Cleveland's built environment.

Building permits for the City of Cleveland dating back to 1888 are registered with the Building Department on the 5th floor of City Hall. These records are maintained on microfilm and often include information on building construction dates, architect, contractor, building owner, dimensions, materials, and estimated cost of construction.

The Cuyahoga County Administration Building houses the land deed records that trace land ownership between 1834 and 1969. Since 1969, deed records are on microfiche.

The City of Cleveland Landmarks Commisssion maintains Ohio Historic Inventory forms, Cleveland Landmarks files, and National Register Nomination forms for historic properties in the City of Cleveland.

The Cuyahoga County Archives has an extensive collection of materials on Cleveland history and buildings. In addition, many private, religious, educational, and not-for-profit organizations maintain their own archives and building records.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of art and architecture research, appropriate research and reference materials are found in many of the Cleveland Public Library Departments:

FINE ARTS has reference and circulating materials on the history of world architecture. The so-called "Oviat Index" is maintained by the Fine Arts Department. The Oviat Index is the only index of the journal Ohio Architect and Builder (1903-1918) and points the researcher to a wealth of Cleveland materials covered in that time period. Extensive vertical files on local architects and architecture are also maintained by Fine Arts. These files may be accessed through the staff at either the Fine Arts reference desk or the Special Collections reference desk.

SPECIAL COLLECTIONS houses rare and fragile materials from the other subject department. In addition to these materials, Special Collections also houses the Schweinfurth Collection of rare architectural resources, including a wealth of older trade catalogs. The Library's large collection of architectural drawings are also housed in Special Collections.

PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION has 60,000 Cleveland-related photographs. The City Hall Collection from the Board of Zoning Appeals includes photographs of businesses and houses in the city applying for zoning variances from around 1929 to the 1970s. Other photograph collections are arranged by subject, with the general building type followed by the specific name, when known (e.g. Cleveland -- Buildings --Theaters -- Hippodrome.) The old Cleveland Press picture collection formed the core of the photograph collection, and it is available in the Photograph Collection on microfiche.

MAP COLLECTION houses the largest collection of Cleveland maps extant. In addition to traditional land maps, the Collection is most noteworthy in building research for its comprehensive collection of insurance maps. The Sanborn Insurance maps represent an invaluable resource documenting property development and ownership for the city of Cleveland. Each plot of land is pictured with an outline or footprint of the buildings occupying the site. These insurance maps cover a long period of time from 1894 to 1944 on paper, and on microfilm from 1886 to 1989.

HISTORY DEPARTMENT has converted its extensive clippings file to microfiche. The Cleveland, Ohio Index housed in the History Department provides access not only to the clippings file but also to numerous periodical and newspaper articles and older books on Cleveland and Ohio that do not have individual indexes.

BUSINESS, ECONOMICS & LABOR DEPARTMENT has extensive documentation on Cleveland business and industry. Architectural and building information can be gleaned often from annual reports, as well as the trade catalogs housed in the department. The department's Sweet's Catalog File begins in the early 1900s and goes to the current day.

PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION LIBRARY is on the main floor of City Hall. PAL houses many of the printed city documents and provides a convenient gateway to other City Hall research resources. In addition, governmental and semi-governmental reports on city planning and the urban landscape and development are to be found in the Public Administration Library. Duplicate Sanborn Insurance maps are also housed in PAL. The very important work called Old and New Street Numbers that documents the 1906 change in Cleveland street names is present in PAL and the HIstory Department in paper and in the Microform Center in Genral Referece in microfilm.

LITERATURE DEPARTMENT houses a large special collection on theater. This collection documents the many theater buildings of Cleveland.

SOCIAL SCIENCES includes among its holdings works on Cleveland educational, religious, governmental, and social services organizations. Many of these organizations published annual reports that continue to provide information on their buildings.


Architecture Collections in Fine Arts

AIA Ohio Handbook of Architectural Firms. [c1992?] NA54. 03 A22x (Ref.)
American Institute of Architects. Cleveland Chapter. Cleveland architecture, 1796-1958. [c1958] NA735.C6 A7
American Institute of Architects. Profile : the official directory of the American Institute of Architects. [c1983-] NA11 .P76x (Ref.)
The architecture of Cleveland : twelve buildings, 1836-1912. a jointpublication of the Western Reserve Historical Society and the Historic American Buildings Survey. [1973]. NA735.C6 A82x
Armstrong, Foster, 1936- A guide to Cleveland's sacred landmarks. [c1992] F499.C63 A76 1992 (Ref.)
Ballast, David Kent. The encyclopedia of associations and information sources for architects, designers, and engineers. [c1998] NA62 .B35 1998 (Ref.)
Campen, Richard N. Architecture of the Western Reserve, 1800-1900. [1971] NA730. 032 W43
Campen, Richard N. Ohio; an architectural portrait. [1973] NA730.O3 C3
Campen, Richard N. Walking tour of downtown Cleveland : prepared for the annual meeting of The Society of Architectural Historians, January 26-28, 1967. [1966?] NA735.C6 C34 1966x (Ref.)
Directory of architects. [1996-] NA54.O3 A22x (1996-97, Ref. )
East Tremont. [1977] NA9127.C54 E28x (Ref.)
The Encyclopedia of Cleveland history. [c1987] F499.C657 E53 1987 (Ref.)
Fabric analysis for the restoration and maintenance of Dunham Tavern : 6709 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio ,prepared by the Office of Robert C. Gaede, A.I.A. Architect, for the Society of Collectors and Dunham Tavern, Inc. Cleveland (250 The Arcade, Cleveland, Ohio 44114) [1980] NA108.C43 F32x (Ref.)
Gallis, Dale. Ecclesiastic Cleveland architecture [picture]. NA5235.C54 G34 1993x (Ref.)
Guide to Cleveland architecture. [c1991] NA735.C6 G84 1991x
Guide to Cleveland architecture. [c1997] NA735.C6 G84 1997
Hannibal, Joseph T. Guide to the Building Stones of Downtown Cleveland: a Walking Tour. [1992] TN951. 03 H362 1992x
Herrick, Clay. Cleveland landmarks. [1986] F499.C68 A243 1986x (Ref. also available in History Dept. and Map Collection)
Hehr, Russell Allon, 1919-. Architecture and allied arts of the Cleveland Public Library landmark main building. [s. l. : s. n.], [1975] Z679 .H44x
Historic resources report : Central Market Area. [1986] F499.C68 A246 1986x
International dictionary of architects and architecture. [c1993] NA40 .I48 1993 (Ref. v 1-2)
Interstate Architect and Builder, 1898-1903.
Johannesen, Eric.A Cleveland legacy : the architecture of Walker and Weeks. [c1999] NA737.W264 J66 1999
Johannesen, Eric. Cleveland architecture, 1876-1976. [1979] NA735.C6 J63
Johannesen, Eric. From town to tower. [1983] NA9072.C58 P84 1983
Lawrence, Michael G. Make no little plans : architectural drawings from the collections of the Cuyahoga County Archives and the Western Reserve Historical Society. [1980] NA735.C6 L38x
Lybarger, Helen B. Old Federal building : United States post office, customs house, court house. [1985?] NA735.C6 L93 1985x
Ohio Architect and Builder, 1903-1918. The original paper copy is in Special Collections and microfilm copies are in the microfilm department and the Public Administration Library in City Hall.
Platt, Charles A. The Hanna Buildings : two monumental office, theatre, and general purpose buildings located in the heart of the new upper Euclid Avenue business district, Cleveland, Ohio. [191-?] NA735.C6 P53 1910x (Ref.)
Richard Fleischman Architects. [1975?] NA712 .R53 1975 (Ref.)
Robert P. Meden ... [] (Kent State University. School of Architecture and Environmental Design.) Architectural character study : Buckeye Road Community, Cleveland, Ohio. [1975] NA9127.C54 O51x
Roos, Frank John, An Investigation of hte Sources of Early Architectural Design in Ohio. [1937] NA730. 03 R66x
Rose, William Ganson, b. 1878. Cleveland: the making of a city / by William Ganson Rose. [1950] F499.C6 R76 (Ref.)
Schafer, Flynn, van Dijk, Dalton, Grimm, Johnson, Architects. Natural Science Museum addition, 1969. [1969] 727.6 Sch14n (Ref.)
Schneider, Charles S. A selection of photographs illustrating the work of C. S. Schneider, Edward J. Maier, Francis Hirschfeld, associates, architects and engineers, Cleveland. [1924] 729.2 Sch57s (Ref.)
Schofield, Mary-Peale.The Cleveland Arcade. [1966] 729.771 Sch63c
Schofield, Mary-Peale. Landmark architecture of Cleveland. [c1976] NA735.C6 S35x
Some of the recent work of Walker & Weeks, Architects, Cleveland, Ohio.
[1930] NA737.W25 A4 1930x
Striebinger, Frederick William. Illustrations of work designed by Frederick Wm. Striebinger. [c1914] 728 St8i (Ref.)
St. John's Cathedral. [1948] NA5235.C54 C382 1948x (Ref.)
St. Theodosius Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Cathedral. [1963?] NA5235.C54 S73 1963x
This pamphlet contains the record of progress made in open shop building in Cleveland. [1930] NA6402 .T45 1930 (Ref.)
Toman, Jim. Cleveland's changing skyline. [c1981] GV416.C433 T65 1981x (Social Science and Public Admin.)
Western Reserve Studies Symposium 1933: Clevleand, Ohio. The Western Reserve in the Gilded Age: moguls, monuments, and other manifestations, October 8-90, 1993. [1993] F497. W5 W493 1993x (Ref.)
Withey, Henry F. Biographical dictionary of American architects (deceased) by Henry F. Withey & Elsie Rathburn Withey. [c1956] NA736 .W5 (Ref.)


Architecture Collections in Special Collections

Architectural drawings of the Cuyahoga Building. (41 technical drawings: b&w and col.; 68 x 112 cm. -106 x153 com.) [technical drawing] [189-?] [f] F499.C68 C89 1890z
Badgley, Sidney Rose, 1850- Architectural souvenir; collection of some of the work done during twenty years. [R.B.] 729.1 B142a
Cleveland Trust Company. A brief architectural description of the main office building : corner of Euclid Ave. & E. Ninth St., Cleveland, Ohio. [19--?] 726.24 C66 (A reference copy also available in Public Admin.)
Little, Robert A. Second love. [1992] [C.A.] NA737.L57 A2 1992x (John G. White Storage)
Proposed arcade Euclid Avenue widening. [technical drawing]. [192-?] [f] NA9053.S7 P76 1920z
Richard Fleischman Architects, Inc. Cleveland Public Library capital plan development. [1989?].
Schweinfurth, Charles Frederick, 1856-1919. Buildings designed by C.F. Schweinfurth. [1925-1932?] [fR.B.] 729.1 Sch97s
Schweinfurth, Charles Frederick, 1856-1919. [Plans], 1900 or 1901. [fR.B.] 726.1 Sch97d
URS Consultants. The Cleveland Public Library competition, Cleveland,
Ohio: a proposal. [1989?]. [fR.B.] Z679.2.U54 U77 1989x
Van Dijk, Johnson & Partners. Cleveland Public Library capital plan. [1989?]. [fR.B.] Z679.2.U54 V36 1989x


Architecture Collection in Other Departments

A Century of talents [videorecording] : 100 years of Cleveland architecture -- part one / produced by the American Institute of Architects, Cleveland Chapter ; directed by Telos Productions. [c1991] ARCHITECTURE (Audio-Video Dept.)
Barnhill, Wm. A. Byways of Cleveland, Ohio [picture]. [1939?] F499.C645 B372 1939 (Photograph Coll.)
Burgess & Niple. Westown redevelopment focus area south : blight finding survey. [1985] HT177.C6 B87 1985x (Public Admin.)
City of Cleveland inventory of historic buildings, districts and sites : downtown statistical planning area no. 8, including adjacent landmarks and districts /prepared by Cleveland City Planning Commission, with cooperation of Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland Landmarks Commission, and the American Institute of Architects, Cleveland Chapter.
1982] F499.C68 C57x (Public Admin.)
Cleveland: an inventory of historic engineering and industrial sites. [1978] T22.5.C44 C44x (Public Admin. and Science & Tech. Dept.)
The Days that used to be and today : presented on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the United Banking and Savings Co., 1886- 1911. [1911] F499.C645 D39 1911x (History Dept.)
Designated Cleveland landmarks : a condensed report describing the first 46 landmarks studied, approved and designated by the Cleveland Landmarks Commission. [1975] F499.C6 D47 1975x (History Dept.)
East Fourth Street District : urban design guidelines / Gaede Serne Zofcin Architects. [1989] F499.C6 E26 1989x (Public Admin.)
Euclid/Prospect urban design guidelines. [1985] HT177.C6 E927 1985x (Public Admin.)
George-Lund, Victoria. Cleveland's hidden treasures. [c1990] NA735.C6 G46 1991 (Ref. Public Admin.)
Glenville, St. Clair/E. 105th St. community development plan area : [criteria to measure blighted conditions] [1986?] HT177.C6 G543 1986x (Public Admin.)
Heritage. [1978] F499.C68 A24x (Ref.) (History Dept.)
Historic West Side Market revitalization: phase II-exterior restoration, masonry repairs, window replacement and reroofing ; schematic design
report. [1987] F499.C68 W475 1987x (Public Admin.)
Holy Cleveland Cleveland's sacred landmarks. [videorecording].[1997] ARCHITECTURE (Audio-Video)
Investment in historic Cleveland buildings : Cleveland Landmarks, National Register of Historic Places. [1982] F499.C68 I58 1982x (Public Admin.)
James, Clarence H. C. An inventory of noteworthy engineering and industrial works in Cuyahoga County, Ohio: with emphasis on the Cleveland Industrial Valley : [report]. [1975] F499.C68 J35 1975x (Public Admin.)
Jones, Jennie. Celebration II : Cleveland in color / by Jennie Jones.
[c1991] F499.C643 J67 1991x (History Dept.)
Jones, Jennie. Cleveland: a celebration in color / by Jennie Jones.
[c1986] F499.C643 J66 1986x (History Dept.)
Kaczmar Architects inc. Playhouse Square area building condition survey. [1983] HT177.C6 K33 1983x (Ref. v 1-4, Public Admin.)
Miller, Carol Poh, 1950- Barbarowa: cultural resource report on a neighborhood of Cleveland. [1993] F499.C66 B376 1993a (Public Admin.)
Miller, Carol Poh, 1950- The Cleveland old house handbook : a guide to maintaining your historic house on the Near West Side. [c1979] F499.C6 M54x (History Dept. and Public Admin.)
Midtown Municipal Center, City of Cleveland: "a proposal for rehabilitation and adaptive reuse to provide consolidated and improved city services ...". [1989] NA9127.C6 M53 1989x (Public Admin.)
More than a landmark: Epworth-Euclid United Methodist Church, 1928- 1978. [1978] (Cleveland Heights: Creative Copy Asociates). BX8481.C54 M67 1978x (Ref. Social Science)
The Ohio Theatre, 1928-1978. [c1978] PN2277.C62 O366 (Literature)
O'Malley, James T. Cleveland and Ohio City 1837. [1993?] G4084.C5G46 1837 .O63 1993z (Map Collection)
Ontario-Huron Center. [1986] HT177.C6 O58 1986x (Public Admin.)
Peeler, Kirsten. The history, architecture and revitalization of Cleveland's historic Warehouse District: a walking tour. [1999]. F499.C66 P44 1999 (Public Admin.)
Report to the Joint Committee on Computerization of Cleveland's Historic Properties Inventory : report #1 (system overview). [1984] HD268.C6 R46 1984x (Public Admin.)
Ruger, A. Birds eye view of Cleveland, Ohio 1877 / A. Ruger, artist. Lith. by Shober & Carqueville. [1877] G4084.C5A3 1877 .R8 (Map Collection)
This is the new Illuminating Building. [1958?] F499.C68 I44 1958x (History and Public Admin.)
Toman, Jim. The Terminal Tower complex . [c1980] F499.C68 T65x (History Dept. and Public Admin.)
Toman, Jim. Cleveland Municipal Stadium. [c1981] GV416.C433 T65 1981x (Social Science and Public Admin.)
Walker and Weeks (Firm). Cleveland Public Library; progress photographs. [1924?] 027.4 C59w (Library Archives)
Walker and Weeks Collection [picture]. [1911-194-?] NA2540 .W35 1911 (Photograph Coll.)

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