It's Today or Else for Buzzards

by Robert Bordner

[This article appeared on page 21 of the Cleveland Press, March 15, 1957.]

Today is the day the Buzzards of Hinckley Ridge are due back home.

For 150 years, so the legend has it, they have returned from the south on Mar. 15.

Not one, not even the pilot pair that was seen last Saturday by Sylvan McClelland of Brunswick, had been seen since up to this morning.

Metropolitan Park Patrolman Walter Nawalaniec, who has clocked them in for six years straight on the 15th was still hopeful this morning.

Dan Bellus, who has been watching them in for nearly 50 years, Kelly Taylor, whose calendar shows them in regularly for 30 years, and Walter Robb, my police partner, are all on the lookout with me today. "We expect them on time," said Nawalaniec.

Meanwhile Harold F. Wallin, park naturalist, continued planning the biggest bird walk in history at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, which he has proclaimed Buzzard Sunday at the Hinckley Reservation of the Cleveland Metropark System.