It is only a coincidence that we are publishing this monograph at a time when the Islamic world is increasingly influencing major international developments. We are hopeful, nevertheless, that during these difficult times we may be able to contribute to a better understanding of the Arab world, of their contributions to world civilizations, and their impact on the development of the American nation in general and Cleveland in particular.

In comparison to other ethnic groups in Cleveland, the Arab American community is not one of our largest, oldest, or best organized. It has, however, and still is asserting a unique and valuable influence on the life and growth of this area. Who can ignore, for instance, the contributions by two of its distinguished members, Congresswoman Mary Rose Oakar and Dr. Donna Shalala, the Assistant Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The author of this monograph, Mary Haddad Macron, was born in Massachusetts and reared and educated in Cleveland. She is well known to the Cleveland community for her commitment to human rights. Her articles and many other cultural activities are dedicated to the betterment of human experience. This is a work of love for her heritage. It is an expression of her sincere desire that the Arab Americans will continue to cherish and preserve the values that their parents and grandparents brought to America. To Mary for this excellent contribution to our Ethnic Heritage Studies, my sincere "thank you."




A sincere "thank you" also to Sister Mary Loyola Mathia, S.C., former Social Studies consultant for the Catholic Board of Education, who spent many hours and days with editorial help and substantive advice. Her contributions have added immeasurably to the realization of this monograph.

I wish to express also my deep appreciation to Mr. Danny Thomas for generously contributing to this work with an introduction. Mr. Thomas himself is an Ohio man, who has had a long standing interest in the Cleveland Arab community. Similarly, my appreciation goes to Dr. William Cody for reviewing the manuscript and for the many valuable comments.

Last but not least, my heart felt thanks to my secretary and assistant. Grace Sechnick, for her patience and perserverance in bringing this work to its successful completion.


Dr. Karl Bonutti
Editor, Monograph Series
Ethnic Heritage Studies
Cleveland State University