The Hough Riots (July 18-24, 1966)

The economically depressed and predominantly black Hough neighborhood in Cleveland was a powder keg of racial tension the summer of 1966, and it finally exploded the evening of July 18 when an African American man was denied a glass of water at the white-owned Seventy-Niners Cafe at Hough Ave. and E. 79th St. The police proved unable to handle the rioting and violence that ensued, and on July 19 Cleveland City Mayor Ralph Locher asked Ohio Governor James Rhodes to send in the National Guard. The National Guard arrived later that evening and into the next morning to restore order.

By July 25th, the rioting had ceased but the toll it took on the neighborhood was enormous. Four people were killed, about 30 people were injured, and close to 300 people were arrested. The vandalism, looting, and arson from the riots caused more than a million dollars of property damage, and many businesses, as well as residents who could afford to, left the neighborhood for good.

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