Tony Mastroianni Review Collection

"Goodbye Gemini" is playing at local theaters

Cleveland Press January 8, 1971

Melodrama; adults. In the cast are Judy Geeson, Martin Potter, and Michael Redgrave. Running time: 88 minutes.

This Gemini flight should be grounded

"Goodbye Gemini" is one of the season's drearier departures into decadence. Fiddling around with homosexuality and latent incest this English movie suggests that the London fog hides all sorts of evil.

But foggier than the scenery is what everyone is up to in this picture. Judy Geeson and Michael Potter are twin brother and sister who pull such giggly pranks as killing the housekeeper who is supposed to keep an eye on them.

AS MOST moviegoers know by now Judy Geeson is a right pretty girl. Martin Potter as her twin tries to be even prettier. He didn't appeal to me but there's a fellow in the movie who likes him and Miss Geeson too.

Meanwhile, t h e brother keeps looking longingly and pensively at his sister who just sort of pouts and flutters around. And Michael Redgrave, an elderly type who should know better, except maybe he's too elderly and therefore doesn't know better, looks longingly at Miss Geeson.

THERE'S A LOT of stuff about blackmail and further murder which is very, very bloody and which sends the twins off their respective rockers.

The London Fog was very nice, however, and with this movie the foggier the better.