I wish to acknowledge and thank those people who contributed to this thesis:

Dr. Walter Leedy, and the other members of my committee, who never realized that they were signing on for a five-year odyssey. I began this topic as an independent studies topic under Dr. Leedy in the summer of 1992, intending it to be prelude to a thesis on Shaker Heights. Dr. James Borchert, he of the bottomless red inkwell, has shared his time and talents through five previous classes and is only off the hook if Cleveland State never enacts a Ph.D. program in history. Dr. Alan Peskin and Dr. Thomas Campbell (retired) have given me years of wise counsel and support.

Patricia Beall, Patrick Calhoun's grand-daughter, for her friendship and valuable insights. Having her nearby kept the characters of this saga alive in my mind.

Kara Hamley O'Donnell (MA, Cornell University, 1996) for showing me that one could finish a thesis on the Euclid Heights Allotment with their wits intact.

John Stark Bellamy, III, for continually remembering my topic and digging up useful newspaper articles.

Charlotte Biller, the person closest to me, for initially demonstrating that returning to college was feasible and later giving me the space and understanding to work on this paper at my own excruciatingly slow pace.

And everyone else, who kept asking me all these years: "Have you finished your thesis yet?" Silencing that question was a prime motivation when life's other intellectual enticements kept singing to me.


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