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By the Neck Until Dead
A Cleveland Memory exclusive!
by John Stark Bellamy II

"There is a terrible drama inherent in the public taking of a human life by the State that needs neither purple prose nor grisly detail to sober and stun its audience.There were nine public hangings in Cuyahoga County during the 19th century. All the victims were male, most of them were of foreign birth and all of them...were perceived as "outsiders" by the largely middle-class, American-born citizens of 19th century Cleveland. Whether justice was served by the extremity of their fates I leave to the reader to judge--but there is no question that a narrative of their personalities, deeds and denouements yields a fascinating panorama and cross-section of life as it was lived by 19th century denizens of the Forest City."

This work by Cleveland author John Stark Bellamy II is another in his series of books on the history of murders in Cleveland. The other six,

  • They Died Crawling and Other Tales of Cleveland Woe (1995)
  • The Maniac in the Bushes and More Tales of Cleveland Woe(1997)
  • The Corpse in the Cellar and Further Tales of Cleveland Woe(2000)
  • The Killer in the Attic (2002)
  • Death Ride at Euclid Beach (2004)
  • Women Behaving Badly(2005)
were published in book form by Gray Publishing Company. This, his first e-book (and ours!), will have no corresponding print edition.

About the Author
John Stark Bellamy II is familiar to local readers for his previous six books on famous murders. A life-long Clevelander and enthusiast of its storied past, he has been publishing books and performing slideshows chronicling Cleveland crimes and disasters since 1994. Described by one reviewer as the "Cleveland historian your mother warned you about," he originally started writing about Forest City dismalia because he wanted to read about such melancholy matters and could find little available to such purpose. In real life he is the former history specialist at the Fairview Park Regional Library and is now in retirement in Vermont.

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