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The Cleveland Digital Library is headquartered in Special Collections, of the Cleveland State University Library. Questions about local history matters are answered by the Special Collections Librarian and staff. We may contact others who we believe may also be able to help with special topics.

While we cannot engage in major research projects for people, or do student papers for them, we can and do perform quick answers for free and some limited amounts of lengther work for a fee, in accord with our Policy on Service and Charges.

We would be happy to assist teachers and school media specialists & librarians with any questions they receive and cannot answer with the resources at their disposal.

A HOT TIP! Many of your basic questions can be answered by the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, which is available on-line. It's a wonderful resource!

Here is how to reach us:

Reference questions

Other matters

Special Collections
Cleveland State University Library
2121 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44115

(216) 687-2449

(216) 687-9328


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