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This site contains some of the images and captions from a pictorial corporate history of the Newburgh & South Shore Railway. This copy was generously donated by Mr. Robert Beach, a former trainmaster of the N&SS. This copy was not bound and lacked a title page, but was obviously intended for publication. We would be grateful for any further information on this work.

The original work contains 101 images, each on a separate page headed with the railway's name and logo. Here we present the complete list of captions and a sampling of 18 images. For help in visualizing the locations being depicted, we have provided a map of the N&SS route, with the image locations marked thereupon.

This is part of wider sites devoted to the Newburgh & South Shore Railway and the railroads serving northeastern Ohio, generally. The site is hosted by the Cleveland State University Library, home of the Cleveland Union Terminal Collection, and other important railroad holdings.




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