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Here are 18 images from an official N&SS picture book containing 101 such photos. The numbers shown here are the page numbers for each picture in the book. Here they are used to link the photo caption to the approximate location on a map of the N&SS where the photo was taken. Click on the blue numbers on either the map or the list to see the image.


Clickable image map of N&SS line


2 - Marcelline Yard - East end of "A" and "B" Yards, Looking East

6 - Seneca Yard - 10 Tracks, Capacity 410 Cars

7 - Connection with Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad at Left and W. & L.E. Crossing

13 - Main Line Crossing Independence road - Looking West, Cleveland Railway Company Car Repair Shops at Right

14 - East End of Beezer Cut - Looking West

22 - Crossing of Pennsylvania Railroad at Newburgh - Looking West

30 - Grade Separation, Broadway Undergrade Crossing - Looking South

40 - Double Track Rolling Lift Bridge Over Cuyahoga River, Cleveland - Looking North

41 - Double Track Rolling Lift Bridge Over Cuyahoga River, Cleveland - Looking West

46 - Locomotive Shop, Roundhouse and Storehouse - East 71st Street

47 - Locomotive Shop, Roundhouse and Storehouse, Marcelline - Capacity: 2 Locomotives for Heavy Repairs and 4 for Light Repairs, Room for 8 More Engine Stalls

52 - Interior of Locomotive Shop

58 - Tower at Electric Interlocking Plant, Pennsylvania Lines, Wheeling & Lake Erie, Newburgh & South Shore Railway - Erected by Newburgh & South Shore Railway. 50% of Cost of Construction and Operation is Paid by the Newburgh & South Shore

59 - Electric Interlocking Machine, Pennsylvania Lines, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railroad and Newburgh & South Shore - 74 Working Levers, 39 Spare Levers

60 - Tower of Mechanical Interlocking Plant, Erie Railroad, Newburgh & South Shore Railway - Entire Expense of Construction and Operation Paid by Newburgh & South Shore Railway

61 - Mechanical Interlocking Machine, Erie Railroad and Newburgh & South Shore Railway - 30 Working Levers, 12 Spare Levers

79 - Cleveland Railway Company, Car Repair Shops - Side View

96 - Great Lakes Towing Company - Drydock and Shipbuilding Plant

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