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Irishmen Here Worked Hard to Attain Their Goal, a Free, Independent Ireland

They Recall With Pride the Accomplishments of St. Patrick
by Theodore Andrica
Cleveland Press, March 16, 1935

Irishmen and women of Cleveland and of the whole world will pay homage to St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland and one of the most beloved figures in Christendom.

The Irish recall with pride the accomplishments of St. Patrick, his zeal in converting the Druids and Bards and his work for the wellbeing of the Irish people.

Freedom was always a coveted prize in the eye of all Irishmen. Here and elsewhere Irishmen have worked hard and sacrificed much to attain their cherished goal, a freer and independent Ireland.

Among the organizations leading in the fight for complete Irish independence is the American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic, which has three branches in Cleveland. The Clan Na Gael and Fianna Fail Inc. are the others.

The American Association for the Recognition of the Irish Republic was established in Washington, D. C., in December 1920, by Eamon De Valera, presently president of the executive council of the Irish Free State.

De Valera came to Cleveland in January, 1921, and organized the Benjamin Franklin Pledge Council. This was the first Ohio branch of the national association. Mrs. Adele Christy was the first president. The second president of the council was Capt. P. J. Clarke of 9901 Foster Avenue, Bratanahl. Mrs. Mary K. Duffy, 16214 Helmsale Road, East Cleveland, is present president.

Later two other councils were established in Cleveland; the Rory O'Connor Council and the Uncle Sam Council, Simon Madigan, 660 E. 113th Street was the president of the first one and Thomas Masterson, 7302 Herman Avenue was president of the second group. The present chairmen of the Rory O'Connor Council are Simon Madigan and Bartlett Kilkenny.

Officers of the Benjamin Franklin Council, besides Mrs. Duffy, are: Miss Mary McDonald, 12709 Iroquois Avenue, secretary; Miss Mary Ellen Murphy, 1885 Roxbury Road, East Cleveland, treasurer; Mrs. Nellie Murphy, East Cleveland, first vice president; Mrs. William J. Corry, 2172 Cottage Grove, Cleveland Heights, second vice president.

Trustees: Mrs. Anna Davis, 779 E. 91st Street; Mrs. Julia Connors, 1732 Lakefront Avenue, East Cleveland; Mrs. Elizabeth Bertram, 2302 Kingston Road, Cleveland Heights; Mrs. Mary Hawker; Thomas O'Neil, 702 E. 127th Street; Mrs. John McDonald, 12709 Iroquois Avenue; Miss Nora Finn, 1458 E. 113th Street, and Mrs. John Peters, 700 E. 100th Street.

The three Cleveland councils contributed at least $20,000 toward the cause of Irish independence. Members of the councils hold stock in the Irish Press Lt., the newspaper concern sponsored by De Valera.

The council arranged successful receptions for Eamon De Valera when he visited Cleveland on several occasions.