Tony Mastroianni Review Collection

"Now You See Him" is often too visible

Cleveland Press July 29 1972

"Now You See Him, Now You Don't" is playing at local theaters. Comedy; general audiences. In the cast are Kurt Russell, Cesar Romero, Joe Flynn, Jim Backus, Running time: 88 minutes.

Out at the Walt Disney factory they must have a file labeled Flubber Formula, or Absent Minded Professor or maybe just Never-Never- Land College.

For little change is made form one such movie to another whether it's "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" or "Monkey's Uncle", which are the more immediate descendants of "Flubber".

THE MOST IMMEDIATE of all is "Now You See Him, Now You Don't." Once more wee are transported to the campus of Medford College where the students all look like young actors and pretty starlets, where there is no litter, no protests and not much studying.

As ever it is presided over by that most idiotic of idiotic deans, Joe Flynn. And once more the college is in trouble, foreclosure is imminent and the students -- led by the nice-guy campus cut-up -- will save the old place.

"Now You See Him" comes off a little better and a little funnier than the others due to some ingenious work by the special effects department.

KURT RUSSELL, as a student and perennial hero of these things, has discovered a substance that makes thins invisible. It is stolen by the resident crook, Cesar Romero, who uses it to pull off a bank job.

An unseen auto is chased by police as the invisible car smashes into other autos, churns up dirt roads, knocks down fences and crashes into buildings.

Except for the invisibility gimmick the script is just about an out-and-out steal of "Computer." It is better because the fun stuff is funnier. A couple of episodes on the golf course involving Joe Flynn are good laugh--getters and the kids should find plenty to enjoy.

There is no doubt that this script is going to be used again. At the end of this one the students note they have saved Medford for this year -- but what about next?

What they could do is get rid of the nutty dean but that would bring and end to the movies.