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Goulet Sports Beard on Visit Here

Cleveland Press August 26, 1964

A three-week growth of whiskers adorns the handsome face of Robert Goulet. The singer-actor is in Cleveland for two days making personal appearances in behalf of his latest movie, "I'd Rather Be Rich," which opens today at the Hipp.

The beard, which will be shaved off before long, adds a ruggedness to the man's appearance.

Goulet is one of those terribly good - looking guys whom other men might resent if he weren't so doggone pleasant when you meet him.

IN HIS SUITE at the Pick Carter Hotel he unwrapped his six-foot frame from an easy chair, moved over to the breakfast table, popped a vitamin-C tablet in his mouth ("take one every day") and dug into his meal.

"I grew the beard for a part in a Kraft Suspense Theater TV show," he explained. "I just let it go to see how I'd look."

The beard comes off next week but not before he has it trimmed into a Van Dyke, simply because his wife, Carol Lawrence, wants to see how it looks that way.

ON SEPT. 8 he begins a night club tour that will take him to Washington, Boston Las Vegas and back to New York.

Goulet, born in Massachusetts and raised in Canada, hit it big when he was picked to play Sir Lancelot in "Camelot" on Broadway, a part he did for two years.

"'I've been offered a lot of I roles since then, according to my manager, but they're all of the swashbuckling type," he said.

"I DON'T WANT to get stuck with one part.

"Sure, I'd like to do a Broadway show with my wife but nothing's come along. Maybe the only way to do it would be to find a book we like and then get someone to write the show for us."

Meanwhile, there are the nightclubs, two completed movies, records and television appearances to keep him busy.

THE FILM opening in Cleveland is his second. An earlier movie, "Honeymoon Hotel," hasn't played here. In both films he's an actor rather than a singer.

"There were three songs in "Honeymoon Hotel" but they cut them out of the film, figuring it was a faster-paced comedy that way," he explained.

Goulet, before "Camelot," played this area as a featured member of the Kenley Players in Warren. He did a total of six shows there during 1956 and '57.

DO GIRLS squeal when they see him?

"No -- I'm not one-fourth of the Beatles. Actually'", he said, groping for the right words, "there's kind of a pleasant warmth about the reception I get. I don't think I have many teenagers among my fans anyway," he added.

The Goulets are awaiting the birth of their baby about the end of November. He hopes it's a boy.