Tony Mastroianni Review Collection

"Carry On Camping" Film Not a Knapsack of Laughs

Cleveland Press November 9, 1971

This must be the umpteenth of these "Carry On" movies from England and I suspect by now they may be wearing thin even in Old Blighty.

Thin is certainly the word for this latest effort which scrapes the bottom of the barrel for gags.

The Carry On crew from previous films are involved in camping which you could guess from the title. There really isn't anything else to be said about the plot beyond that.

A lot of people get together in this camp and boys chase girls except all the boys are pretty old and the girls -- even those who are supposed to be school types -- are rather long in the tooth.

Most of the jokes are of the kind of ribaldry identified with burlesque shows and delivered with about as much subtlety. There are even variations on the farmer's daughter jokes.

The previous pictures have ranged from okay to awful. "Carry On Camping" just wheezes along falling well short of its predecessors.