Tony Mastroianni Review Collection

"Black Stockings" is sheer nonsense

Cleveland Press September 28, 1970

"All Neat in Black Stockings," a British film making the rounds of local theaters, is not the kind of movie its title implies.

It isn't a very good movie either. In fact the more you think about it the duller you realize it is.

The movie is surprisingly dull because it attempts to recount the doings of the younger set among swinging Londoners. But fun and games among the English swingers bog down into an episodic; lack luster story in which no character emerges strongly enough to make you care about him.

IT IS ALL ABOUT this fellow, Ginger (Victor Henry), who washes windows but keeps an eye out for the girls. Now Ginger has a buddy, Dwyer (Jack Shepherd) and is share and share alike for these fellows when either makes a conquest.

Predictably Ginger finds one girl who is special and who resists his advances and finally succumbs to his friend. The story goes on beyond that but it's hardly worth sticking with.

WHAT IS more interesting are some of the oddball characters who wander in and out of the story. Maybe if the script had concentrated on them this might have been a better movie.