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Diane Baker Can't Find Self in Movie

Cleveland Press May 20, 1965

"I went to see a film recently, one that I thought I had a part in," the actress said. "I had seen the rushes and I was in it then. You can't imagine what it's like to find yourself missing."

The film was Alfred Hitchcock's "Marnie" and the actress is Diane Baker, who -- along with Sean Connery and Tippi Hedren -- had star billing in the film. But most of her scenes ended on the cutting room floor, a sorry fate for so lovely a lady.

Miss Baker is a hazel-eyed brunette who wears little makeup, apparently doesn't need it and shrugs prettily about her fate.

SHE WAS in Cleveland yesterday to talk about another movie, "Mirage," in which she co-stars with Gregory Peck. It opens Wednesday at the Fairview, Hipp and Richmond. She makes it to the screen in this one.

"Nothing of my work has been cut out except about six lines," she said.

Miss Baker's first movie role was as the older sister in "Diary of Anne Frank," then she made several with very forgettable titles, starred in "Nine Hours to Rama," a movie she considers the turning point in her career, and has since made "The Prize" and "Marnie."

She longs to get on the stage because "your work isn't chewed up by a director. "She has done a number of television shows, but says that actors are finding fewer guest shots these days because all the shows are series.

What about guest appearances in some of the series?

"There's nothing left except being a patient for Dr. Kildare or Dr. Casey. And who wants to be sick? I'm healthy."