Tony Mastroianni Review Collection

Gassman's a Gas, But Does It Matter?

Cleveland Press January 14, 1966

Vittorio Gassman is a highly talented and versatile actor and "Let's Talk About Women" is further but unneeded proof. In addition to the amazing Gassman in nine different roles, the movie has enough good-looking women for a half-dozen major films.

Aside from that there is little point to the entire affair.

In nine different stories the movie suggests that the national pastime in Italy is the amorous pursuit of women, to the exclusion of all else. As demonstrated in this film there couldn't possibly be time for anything else such as earning a living, eating, drinking and uninterrupted sleeping.

EACH VIGNETTE TRIES HARD for an O. Henry twist, too hard.

In various encounters Gassman is:

A junk man who is called to the top floor of an apartment building by a negligee-clad beauty looking for kicks and he grumbles when there is no junk to be had.

A dull-witted fellow who picks up a prostitute, learns that she is the wife of an old friend and they have a pleasant reunion.

A dozing lover who bids his fiancee a sleepy farewell as she rushes off to her wedding.

Gassman slips easily into each characterization and while a variety of makeup and wigs are used the actor gives identity to each role with differences in voice, phrasing and mannerisms.

The actor is a tireless performer. It's the movie that sometimes gets tiresome.