Equipment and Supplies Taken on Voyage

NAVIGATION BOOKS AND EQUIPMENT--Radio Navigation Aids, Atlantic and Mediterranean Area;Rules of the Road;The Nautical Almanac, 1965;H.O. 214, Table of Computed Altitude and Azimuth, three volumes covering latitudes 30� to 59�;Sailing Directions, South Coast of England;United States Coast Pilot No. 2, covering Cape Cod area;Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling, by Charles F. Chapman; pamphlet on Sea and Swell Observations;book of Tidal Current Charts for Cape Cod area; Primer of Navigation, by George W. Mixter;Navigation the Easy Way, by Carl D. Lane and John Montgomery;light lists;universal plotting sheets;all necessary charts (protected in waterproof plastic chart cases);surplus U.S. Air Force sextant;Hallicrafters WR-3000 transistor radio receiver with earphones;2 Danforth course protractors;1 wind-speed meter;1 alarm clock;2 wristwatches;1 stop watch;2 dividers;2 army-type hand-bearing compasses; 1 mounted, bridge-deck compass;1 sounding lead and line;1 logbook;3 notebooks;indelible-ink ballpoint pens;pencils.

GENERAL BOOKS--Gone With the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell;The Spy Who Came In from the Cold, by John le Carr�;The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr., and E. B. White;Birds of the Ocean, by W. B. Alexander;How to Exercise Without Moving a Muscle, by Victor Obeck;The Stars, by H. A. Rey;20 Years and 20 Hits for the Harmonica;World Almanac for 1965.(Birds of the Ocean was the only book I found time to read.)

TOOLS--1 saw, 3 screwdrivers, 1 adjustable-grip pliers, 1 nonadjustable pliers, 1 hand drill with assortment of bits, 1 hammer, 4 C clamps,

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2 files, 1 small wood plane, 1 adjustable wrench, 1 metal measuring tape, 1 pocket emery stone, 2 pocketknives, 1 sail repair kit (containing sailor's palm, needles, twine, marlinespike, beeswax and marline), 1 cold patch kit for repairing inflatable life raft or life jacket, 1 chisel, 1 hard rubber mallet, 1 wire cutter, 1 sheath knife, and marlinespike, 1 scissors.

SPARE PARTS, MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT--1 rudder;1 set of gudgeons and pintles;1 tiller;1 stem plate;1 chain plate;1 mast tang;1 stainless-steel stay (to replace either a shroud or the forestay);brass bolts and screws of all sizes;sandpaper;copper tacks;copper boat nails;liquid rubber calking material;waterproof glue;fiberglass cloth, resin and hardener;3 sets of D batteries (8 batteries to a set) for radio;4 sets of D batteries (2 to a set) for flashlight;3 batteries for anchor light;3 Hot Shot 6-volt batteries for running lights and spotlight;bulbs for flashlight, running lights and spotlight;8 blocks (pulleys) of various sizes;100 feet of ⅜-inch nylon line;100 yards of light nylon cored;2 sea-anchor buckets;6 shackles of different sizes;assortment of pine, plywood and oak planks;various lengths of brass, copper and stainless-steel wire;pieces of sheet brass;6 cans of gas for foghorn;1 cylinder of gas to inflate life raft;1 2�-pound Danforth anchor;12 sail slides and 12 clips;12 jib slides;calking cotton;hose for cockpit drain;wood putty;assortment of rope thimbles;1 turnbuckle;6 clevis pins;1 pint of gray paint;1 pint of spar varnish;2 yards of sailcloth;6 wire rope clamps;2 rolls of chafing tape.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT--1 Mae West life jacket;1 inflatable life raft with cylinder of gas;1 fire extinguisher;1 anchor light;1 spotlight;1 gas-operated foghorn;6 night flares;6 day flares;1 deck-mounted bilge pump;2 portable pumps;1 signaling mirror;1 barometer;1 Victory Girl SOS signal transmitter;2 dye markers;1 life-preserver cushion;medical kit (contents listed below);1 bucket sea anchor;1 solar still for making freshwater from seawater;1 white tropical helmet;10 packets of silica gel to help keep film, sextant and radio dry;2 pairs of sunglasses;1 lifeline;1 compass corrector and pelorus;1 set of oars;3 waterproof rubberized canvas bags for storing equipment;1 radar reflector;1 extra survival fishing kit;2 rubber sleeve chafe preventers;1 flashlight; 1 plastic emergence sextant;

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emergency food packs (each one containing a 5-day supply of vitamin tablets, malted milk tablets, chocolate bars and biscuits);sufficient polyethylene foam flotation material to make boat unsinkable;survival kit (contents listed below).

MEDICAL KIT--(Packed in moistureproof case)1 hemostat, 1 scalpel with spare blades, 1 tweezers, 20 disposable syringes, 12 disposable sutures, 2 tubes of bacitracin ointment, 100 3 X 3 gauze pads, 2 Ace bandages, 3 rolls of adhesive tape, 3 rolls of gauze, 24 safety pins, 8 small splints, 200 aspirin tablets, 1 package of powered alum, 1 bottle of nose drops, 1 inhaler, 200 salt tablets, 2 pounds of Vaseline, 1 can of talcum powder, 6 small packets of toilet tissue, 1 tube of zinc ointment, 1 bottle of sun lotion, 1 bottle of Kaopectate, 1 oral thermometer, large bottle of liquid antiseptic, 1 bottle of laxative, 1 tube of anesthetic eye ointment, 1 tube of antibiotic eye ointment, large bottle of achromycin antibiotic capsules, dexedrine, nembutal, benadryl, tincture of belladonna, Phenobarbital, morphine, codeine, paregoric, 4 tubes of anesthetic skin ointment, skin lotion, pills to combat motion sickness or allergy, First Aid, published by the American Red Cross, The Ship's Medicine Chest and First Aid at Sea, a U.S. Public Health Service publication.

SURVIVAL KIT--1 pound of malted milk tablets, 16 bars of tropical chocolate, 4 cans of pemmican, 30 high-energy dextrose wafers, 8 cans of vacuum-packed water, 6 night flares, 2 day flares, 1 dye marker, 1 signaling mirror,1 fishing kit, 1 tube of suntan lotion, 2 packages of hygienic tissue, 1 bottle of insect repellant, 1 flashlight, 1 waterproof container of matches, 1 distress whistle, 1 distress flag, 1 can opener, 1 first-aid kit with instructions for use, 1 sheathed hunting and fishing knife, 1 compass.

SAILS AND GEAR--1 red nylon mains'l, 68 square feet;1 white cotton mains'l, 68 square feet;2 white cotton jibs, 22 square feet each;1 white dacron genoa, 38 square feet;1 white cotton genoa, 38 square feet;1 green cotton storm jib, 9 square feet;1 green cotton trysail, 25 square feet;150-foot �-inch nylon anchor line;all running rigging of ⅜-inch dacron line;10 feet of ⅛-inch shock cord;10 feet of �-inch shock cord;8 sail stops made of shock cord;2 whisker

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poles for winging out cotton jibs;1 8-pound Danforth anchor;2 plastic-foam fenders (one of which served as float for sea-anchor bucket).

GALLEY EQUIPMENT--1 canned-heat stove in gimbals, 27 large cans of canned heat, 1 frying pan, 1 saucepan, 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon, 100 matchbooks in waterproof plastic container, 3 bottles of liquid salt-water soap, scouring pads and dishcloths for cleaning pans and silverware, 2 plastic nonsinkable cups, 1 seaman's knife with can opener on it, 4 folding army-type can openers.

PROVISIONS--28 gallons of water carried in 40 half-gallon, 3 one-gallon and 1 five-gallon plastic containers;40 cans beef slices and potatoes;30 cans turkey loaf;24 cans peas;23 cans peas and carrots;23 cans corn;6 cans chili;6 cans Vienna sausage;4 cans boned chicken;5 cans beef stew;6 cans stuffed peppers;4 cans stuffed cabbage;8 cans beans and wieners;8 cans corned-beef hash;5 cans shrimp;5 cans tuna and noodles;8 cans spaghetti and meat balls;2 cans ham loaf;3 cans chicken and noodles;10 cans diced beets;10 cans succotash;10 cans sweet potatoes;10 cans diced carrots;30 cans assorted fruit juices;30 cans carbonated soft drinks;40 cans Bartlett pears;20 cans fruit cocktail;20 cans sliced peaches;10 cans condensed milk;2 cans plum pudding;1 jar hard sauce;8 cans oleo-margarine;5 cans cherries;50 small packets raisins;140 assorted candy bars;20 dehydrated meat bars;10 dehydrated bacon bars;10 cans pemmican;10 cans egg salad;8 cans fruitcake;20 cans white bread;100 cereal bars;40 starch jelly bars;8 dehydrated Spanish omelets;8 servings dehydrated scrambled eggs;200 individually packaged servings of coffee, dehydrated cream and sugar;20 portions grape jelly;20 portions strawberry jelly;20 portions marmalade;1 bottle brandy;20 servings orange drink;20 servings cocoa;60 packets biscuits;90 multivitamin capsules;90 ascorbic acid tablets;ketchup;mustard;Tabasco sauce;curry powder;salt;pepper;turkey stuffing;bouillon cubes.

CLOTHING AND PERSONAL GEAR--1 waterproof anti-exposure suit, 1 set of oilskins, 1 pilot cap, 1 knitted watch cap, 4 cotton undershirts, 4 cotton undershorts, 2 turtle-neck sport shirts, 2 V-neck sport shirts, 2 pairs of cotton thermal underwear, 4 pairs of woolen socks,

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2 pairs of cotton trousers, 1 pair of woolen trousers, 1 woolen shirt, 3 sweaters, 2 pairs of rubber-soled deck shoes, 1 pair of leather shore shoes, 2 shoregoing shirts, 1 shoregoing jacket, 2 pairs of shoregoing trousers, 2 neckties, 1 visored yachting hat, 1 red nylon windbreaker, 1 safety razor and spare blades, 2 cakes of salt-water soap, 2 washcloths, 2 face towels, 2 bath towels, 1 toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste.

PHOTOGRAPHY EQUIPMENT--1 Nikonos 35-mm. still camera, 1 Revere 16-mm. magazine movie camera, skylight filters for both cameras, 52 50-foot magazines of 16-mm. Kodachrome II, 12 rolls of 36-exposure 35-mm. Kodachrome II, flashgun for Nikonos, 10 dozen blue flashbulbs, Weston exposure meter, closeup lenses for Nikonos, neutral-gray test cards for determining exposure, lens shades, homemade device on a pole for thrusting the Nikonos camera into the sea and operating it remotely for taking pictures underwater.

MISCELLANEOUS--Writing paper and envelopes, $750 in traveler's checks, 10 one-dollar bills (to cover postage of letters picked up at sea),6 ballpoint-pen refills, 3 sponges, 3 rolls of cellulose tape, 1 American flag, 1 American ensign, 1 British flag, 1 yellow "Q" flag, plastic bags of various sizes, spring clips to hold plastic bags shut, 1 ink marker, 1 chromatic harmonica, 1 hand warmer and fuel, 2 woolen blankets, passport, health certificate, boat ownership papers.