Drawing of stowage of supplies

Stowage of Supplies

  1. Two bags of food, one week's supply in each bag
  2. Watertight, rubberized canvas bag containing navigation books, cameras and log
  3. Two more bags of food
  4. Blanket used as pillow while sleeping.Several positions were tested for sleeping and the one shown proved most satisfactory.
  5. Bags of clothing and photographic film
  6. Flotation material
  7. Canned-heat stove in gimbals
  8. Forty half-gallon plastic bottles of drinking water (not all shown)
  9. Saw
  10. Other tools
  11. Survival fishing kit
  12. Packages of spare parts, screws, bolts and batteries
  13. Anchor light
  14. Compressed-gas horn
  15. Extra sails
  16. Solar still for converting salt water into fresh water
  17. Plank of flotation material (similar plank on starboard side)
  18. Victory Girl emergency SOS transmitter
  19. Survival kit
  20. Five-gallon plastic container of water
  21. Bag of food with another underneath
  22. Radio receiver
  23. Sextant
  24. Medical kit in airtight case
  25. Assortment of lumber for making repairs
  26. Two more bags of food
  27. Two more flotation planks