Drawing of Tinkerbelle and her fittings

Tinkerbelle and Her Fittings

  1. Chocks for mooring lines
  2. Half-inch dacron line wrapped around mast, with swivel shackle at forward end for attaching sea-anchor line
  3. Mooring cleat
  4. Red and green combination running light
  5. Case for six-volt battery powering all lights
  6. Fixture to facilitate tying down supplies securely
  7. Switches to control running light, stern light and masthead light
  8. Porthole with 3/8-inch plastic cover to prevent breakage by waves
  9. Barometer
  10. Fire extinguisher
  11. Lowered daggerboard-keel
  12. Jam cleat for sheet used with small jib
  13. Bilge pump
  14. Handhold
  15. Bridge-deck compass
  16. Bronze strap for attaching lifeline
  17. Self-bailing cockpit foot well
  18. Oarlock
  19. Second part of oarlock
  20. Stern light
  21. Safety line attaching rudder to boat
  22. Oars used for rowing or to wing out twin genoas for self-steering with following wind
  23. Oarlock fixture at stern
  24. Lazarette hatch
  25. Removable "box" designed to reduce size of cockpit foot well; flotation material in aft portion and storage space under hinged lid in forward position
  26. Swivel at end of boom to which topping lift is attached
  27. Reefing cringle
  28. Reef point
  29. Boom and mast crutch
  30. Waterproof electrical socket for attaching cover
  31. Fixtures for securing cabin hatch cover
  32. Cabin dome light
  33. Winch and line for raising daggerboard-keel
  34. Fixture on which rod that holds daggerboard-keel in raised position rests
  35. Cleats for jib and mainsheet halyards
  36. Slot through which daggerboard-keel is raised or lowered
  37. Rack for charts and other papers
  38. Raised rub rail providing handhold for anyone in water