The Years Were Good by Louis B. Seltzer

Louis B. Seltzer
Louis B. Seltzer, newly appointed Editor
of The Cleveland Press (1928)

The Years Were Good
by Louis B. Seltzer


"This life and those years are shared with you in the pages of this book by a man who would be remarkable at any time in history and is doubly remarkable in today' Reading what he has to say of himself, of his career, of his work, of his philosophy, is to find yourself thinking of the quiet sages of another era." — From inside the bookjacket

Louis Seltzer was editor of the Cleveland Press from 1928-1966.

This web edition of Mr. Seltzer's 1956 autobiography is presented here with the permission of his estate. This edition contains all the information and images found in the book, along with some enhancements developed to aid in navigating this site.