Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program


The Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program Collection was created and curated by:

Carolyn L. Hufford, M.L.I.S.
Master Gardener, Ohio State University Extension
Green Thumb Club, 1967

Green Thumb Club membership card
Carolyn Hufford center with sister and father in garden
Jane, Carolyn & Dad
Master Gardener Badge for Carolyn Hufford

The Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Collection was possible because of generous donations of archival materials from several sources as well as the expertise and resources of Special Collections in the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University.

In no particular order, special thanks to:

  • Joanne Lhotsky Cornelius
  • Lynn Duchez Bycko
  • Dr. Peter J. Wotowiec
  • Lauren Felder
  • Andrew Cole
  • Bill Barrow
  • Barbara Strauss
  • Glenda Thornton
  • Joanne Scudder
  • Frann R. Zverina
  • Mary Louise Kelly
  • Ralph Fotia
  • Anya Kulcsar
  • Ann Greeneisen
  • Sandra Vodanoff
  • Joel Mader
  • The Zamecnik sisters, Vivian Soltes and Virginia Kresina
  • Barbra Lewis
  • Sharon E. Trasek
  • Laura Taxel