Lorain, Ohio: A Collection of Historic Snapshots of One of Cleveland’s Neighbors

The 1924 Lorain, Ohio Tornado

A warm summer day turned disastrous when a devastating tornado struck the lakeside community of Lorain, Ohio on June 28, 1924. Forming near and also damaging Sandusky, Ohio the tornado traveled across Lake Erie and came ashore at the Lorain Municipal Bath House in Lakeview Park where eight people were killed and many more were injured.

The tornado then ripped through the downtown business district damaging 200 businesses. The State Theater, where many had gone to enjoy an afternoon matinee, collapsed under the force of the storm. Fifteen people were killed in the theater and many others were injured. Cars and homes were destroyed, trees were uprooted and more than 60 freight train cars were scattered about the railroad tracks. In all, nearly 125 city blocks were destroyed or damaged.

The storm was responsible for the loss of 78 lives, the destruction of 500 homes; it left 7,000 homeless. The cost of damages to Lorain in 1924 dollars was an estimated $13 million.

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