Postcards of Cleveland

Walter Leedy began his comprehensive collection of Cleveland postcards, now numbering nearly 8,000 in earnest in 1989. The earliest of Leedy's postcards date from 1898, before many people traveled widely, had telephones, or saw movies or newsreels, and before newspapers ran many illustrations.

Buying a picture postcard was an affordable treat common to all social classes, and collecting postcards often became a hobby. Even Queen Victoria was an avid collector... Read more about this collection.

This Web site includes digital representations of over half of the postcards in Dr. Leedy's collection.

Site Credits

Credit for assembling this wonderful postcard collection and allowing its use for this site, of course, goes to Dr. Walter C. Leedy, Jr.

The original Special Collections version of this postcard site was created by Jonetha Jackson and Mumtaz Mesania, who scanned the postcards and entered most of the text, and by Maribel Reyes who did much early work on the layout and design of the site.

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