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Images on this site have been selected from the following Special Collections at the Michael Schwartz Library at Cleveland State University:

A special note of appreciation to the artists behind the cameras — The Cleveland Press photographers whose work appear on this site:

Garfield School commemoration ceremony
Garfield School receives plaque commemorating its location as the site of the first log schoolhouse in Lakewood, May 26, 1967.
  • Frank Aleksandrowicz
  • Jeannette Allen
  • Fred Bottomer
  • Jack Clifford
  • Tim Cukik
  • Van Dillard
  • Jerry Horton
  • Walter Kneal
  • Clayton Knipper
  • John Nash
  • Bill Nehez
  • Larry Nighswander
  • Bernie Noble
  • Tom Prusha
  • Frank Reed
  • Herman Seid
  • Ronnie Sherman
  • Paul Tepley
  • James Thomas
  • Tony Tomsic
  • Paul Topplestein
  • Glenn Zahn