Yesterday's Lakewood

Cleveland Railway Co. bus, 1930.
Cleveland Railway Co. bus in front of the Lakewood City Hall, 1930.


When Yesterday’s Lakewood came on-line at the end of 1997 it had over 600 images, all from the Cleveland Press Collection at the Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University. Today YL hosts more than 2000 images and is one of the largest Internet collections of historical photographs for a suburban community the size of Lakewood.

Cleveland Memory would like to recognize the photographers whose works are represented in the collection as well as all those who have over the past ten years contributed to the growth of YL and have made it a community effort.


  • John B. Corns
  • Blythe Gehring
  • Charles Geiger
  • Herbert Harwood
  • Jane Kuhnen
  • James Oravec
  • St. James School
  • Greg Sent
  • Jim Spangler
  • Kathryn Boyd McCarty Stakelin
  • Thomas Morris
  • Ann Marie Weiland
  • Bruce Young


  • Frank Aleksandrowicz
  • Jeannette Allen
  • Fred Bottomer
  • Wayne Cahoon
  • Jack Clifford
  • Tim Culik
  • Van Dillard
  • Robert Folsom
  • Jerry Horton
  • Walter Kneal
  • Clayton Knipper
  • John Nash
  • Bill Nehez
  • Larry Nighswander
  • Bernie Noble
  • Fred Noe
  • Tom Prusha
  • Frank Reed
  • Robert Runyon
  • Herman Seid
  • Ronnie Sherman
  • Paul Tepley
  • James Thomas
  • Tony Tomsic
  • Paul Topplestein
  • Glenn Zahn
  • Butler Airports