Neighbors on the North Coast: Cleveland's Connection to the Mentor Shoreline

Credits and Appreciation

This site was compiled and researched by Edith Serkownek as a requirement for her Kent State University School of Library and Information Science practicum performed here at the Cleveland State University Library during the summer of 2005.

We thank Tina Musgrave and Don Hudak for the loan of Mentor Harbor Yachting Club material including photographs, blueprints and documents, which are reproduced and made available on this website. Thank you to Albert Nozik for his donation of the Mentor Lagoons photograph.

We appreciate author Samuel Tamburro’s permission to reproduce his 1996 study, Hitchcock's holdup: the story of a steel mill for the Mentor Marsh, edited by Joan Kapsch. Many thanks to William C. Barrow for loaning family movies created by his parents, William J. and Phrone Barrow, of Mentor Harbor Yachting Club activities in the late 1950s. We are also grateful to Jim Bandis in the Library's Systems and Instructional Media Services unit for digitizing and carefully editing the film clips.

The remaining photographs and images in the Cleveland Memory Project's CONTENTdm image database were taken from the Cleveland Press Collection at the Cleveland State University Library and the Special Collections of the Cleveland State University Library.

We appreciate the time and assistance of Karen Tomlinson of the Lake County Historical Society for assisting in the Mentor Harbor Yachting Club and Mentor-on-the-Lake research. Tom Edwards, the Map Librarian at the Cleveland Public Library aided in the scanning of oversized map and blueprint materials and Steve Titchenal was kind enough to volunteer to store and resize this material.

In addition, Ms. Serkownek wishes to thank everyone named above as well as everyone involved with the production of this site, including Joanne Cornelius, Supervisor of the Digital Production Unit at the CSU Library, for her support and encouragement, as well as for training her on various procedures she employed, to T.J. Breslin, who helped teach special scanning skills. Additional thanks to William C. Barrow, Special Collections Librarian, for sponsoring her in this practicum project.

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