German Americans of Cleveland

Cleveland Press Articles

Leading figures in city

Cleveland Press, March 17, 1976

Ernest Bohn, who died recently, devoted his lifetime to community development. He left his permanent mark and his genius for planning in housing projects. He saw to it that buildings were provided for the so-called senior citizens rapidly becoming the new impoverished people. Ernie was a Danube Schwabian, having been born in a German community of present day Romania.

One whose influence was felt by every Catholic in the city was Archbishop Joseph Schrembs who came to America at the age of 11 from Bavaria, Germany. He became bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland in 1921--its archbishop in 1939. He died in 1945.

Announcement recently of $2.3 million awards in the fields of medicine, cultural events, education and social work from the George Gund Foundation puts focus on Gund who headed the Cleveland Trust Co. before his death. His father George F. owned one of the city's first breweries, the Jacob Mall Brewing Co. Gund's grandfather came from Germany.