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A Message From the President of Fenn College

Dr. G. Brooks Earnest
Dr. G. Brooks Earnest, President of Fenn College

Welcome! The goal of Fenn College is to educate each student to take his place in the world with a maximum understandings of the realities he will encounter as a member of a profession and as a citizen of a democracy. To achieve this, Fenn offers the Cooperative Plan to full-time students day division students who temper their academic experience with the benefits of actual employment in the fields of their future careers. At Fenn, students are given the opportunity to carry theoretical classroom study into the world where it will be applied. This balance between theory and practice gives new relevance to learning while it is going on and when it can be oriented and directed to purposeful life goals.

For the evening student Fenn provides the opportunity to temper the realities of a full-time working career with the knowledge and skills required and improve his career status. Fenn College's Evening Division helps young citizens fulfill their career ambitions and enrich their contributions to the democratic way of life. This evening program serves the needs of recent high school graduates and adults who wish to continue their educations on a part-time basis. Since many Evening Division students are already working in the city, Fenn's downtown Cleveland location adjacent to the Interbelt Freeway proves to be a distinct advantage to them.

A friendly, down-to-earth atmosphere is typical Fenn, where students and faculty work closely together. Faculty members sometimes meet with students to discuss problems over lunch, and students often feel free to discuss personal problems with faculty members. It is a case of well-qualified teachers working together with students for mutual understanding and enlightenment. There is an air of serious wanting to get things done on both sides with a friendly exchange of interest that accomplishes education in its best sense of fulfillment. Students come to Fenn to learn - the faculty come to teach and to learn. The result is learning of a practical high order.