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Student Services at Fenn College

Meriam C. Herrick, Dean of Students
Meriam C. Herrick, Dean of Students.

Campus Social Life

More than 55 social organizations at the College provide relaxation and constructive recreation. These include honorary societies and scholarships and extracurricular activities, professional societies, publications, religious associations, fraternities, sororities, special interest clubs, and student government groups. All are under the guidance of the faculty Committee on Student Activities and Intercollegiate Athletics, which issues charters to all approved groups on the basis of annual reports.

A faculty advisor works with each organization as a representative of the committee and the faculty. Each student is advised to participate in at least one suitable activity, and formation of new interest groups is welcomed. Students are counseled not to take part in so many activities that grades suffer.

Fine Arts

The Kingsmen and Professor Julius Drosin
The Kingsmen and Professor Julius Drosin.

The campus is the center of a bustling cultural community. Distinguished lecturers from all walks of life visit Fenn regularly to give lectures and engage in give-and-take discussions with the student body and faculty. Fenn's drama and chorale groups introduce the student to the performing arts, while a concert series and regular fine film showings bring the works of the masters - both traditional and contemporary - to the college. Art exhibits, housed in a special section of the library, establish on campus a liaison with Greater Cleveland's other cultural institutions. Fenn is the home of the Poetry Center of Cleveland, which presents literary programs open to both the student body and the community.

Counseling and Guidance

Dr. Kenneth Jenkins Counseling & Testing Center
Dr. Kenneth Jenkins Counseling & Testing Center.

Few Colleges are equipped to offer the extensive counseling and guidance services Fenn makes available to its students. It regards these services as an essential part of education. The College feels it has a definite obligation to help its students mature, to help them make the difficult adjustment to college life, and to choose their life work wisely. Fenn has established a number of continuous guidance services which are widely used by students from their first contact with the College through graduation.

Health Services

Student health is provided for by the Student Health Service. It is a complete medical unit with examination rooms, modern equipment, and student wards for day time use. A health and accident plan is available to protect the student 24 hours a day on campus or off, either while he is in school or his cooperative job. A nominal fee for this paid at registration time. The maximum amount paid out for each illness or injury is $500.

Dormitories - Living space is provided in Fenn Tower for 230 men students whose homes are out of town. Most of the rooms are double, furnished with double study tables, double decked beds, and private tiled showers. The College provides sheets, blankets, pillows, bed-spreads, and drapes. Maid service is furnished.